We help business owners explore, understand and execute on the full range of strategic options during times of change.  We fix, buy, sell and source middle-market businesses in the northeastern US.

Turnaround ManagementTurnaround Management
Direct InvestmentsDirect Investments
Debt RestructuringDebt Restructuring
Mergers & Acquisitions AdvisoryMergers & Acquisitions Advisory

We specialize in senior-level advice on mergers, acquisitions, capital sourcing, performance improvement, turnarounds and merchant banking. We understand middle market companies and what drives value because we are experienced managers and shareholders as well as advisors.

2018 Mid-Sized Company Turnaround of the Year
Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

2017 Small-Sized Company Turnaround of the Year
Vermont Aerospace Industries

“I actually feel positive for the first time in 3 or 4 years. Thanks for your help.”

– DG, manufacturing entrepreneur

“I wish I had listened sooner and not been in denial.”

– JP, attorney and owner of multiple businesses


call us because we build value quickly in middle market companies, affording them more options in dealing with their issues.  We take away the pressures and allow them to make well thought out strategic decisions.


call us because we provide stability and insight into the toughest situations.  Then we develop and execute quick on a detailed recovery plan.  Time and again we can save a business, save the jobs and deliver 2X, 3X, 4X liquidation value.


call us when they want in or out of a business or industry. Dorset Partners believes that a stable and profitable operation is the solution to most business issues.