Remember when you started your business?

You were full of dreams of what could be and ready to work the long hours for those better days ahead.  And for years thing s went well and you poured earnings back into your business.  Unfortunately, for many of the entrepreneurs we work with, that bright future became more work, more stress and more debt. . . . even when the economy is booming!


So here you are; ten, twenty, thirty years into your dream and things are not going so well.  There were some great years and fun times but this is not where you planned to be at this point in your life. Instead of relaxing more, you are watching your margins narrow while the pressure mounts.  The good news is that most businesses can be fixed – and many within their existing revenue structure.  To fix your business is not easy, and the long hours will remind you of those exhausting days in start-up phase.  But wouldn’t it be nice to solve these problems once and for all?   To sleep through the night, to know that your bills can be paid?   We can help you get back to the dreams you began this journey with.


A Guided Turnaround is for business owners who are ready to embrace change and are prepared to save their business. There are proven strategies for saving businesses involving more than simply cutting costs and growing sales.  One thing’s for sure, you need someone in your corner who knows the score, before creditors come knocking and you run out of options.

The key is controlling cash and getting relief while
developing a turnaround plan your creditors will accept.

There are universal truths and techniques used for turning around businesses.  We have put many of them into a booklet titled “BUSINESS TURNAROUND: A Roadmap for Owners“.  We’ll be glad to send you a free copy.

Our Guided Turnaround solution is for business owners who have the following characteristics;

  • A strong work ethic and a will to succeed.
  • Maturity to know that more money is no longer the answer; deep change is needed to restore profits.
  • Manage a business with current annual revenues greater than $5 million.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, I invite you to download and read, Business Turnaround: A Roadmap for Owners. This free report explains how a Guided Turnaround can help you revitalize your company, avoid bankruptcy and get out of debt. Included in this report are valuable tips and resources to help you in your journey.


But all I need is more sales!    And that may be true.  What is most often true is that;

Increasing sales may be only part of the solution.   There are often more fundamental marketing and sales management issues that must be addressed to enjoy sustainable growth.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that most companies actually are 30% ineffective in their Sales and Marketing efforts – and really could bring in that missing revenue.    Click here to learn more about increasing sales.