Growing Revenues

Let me share a little story about my first turnaround.  It was my business and sales had stalled.   The bank put undue pressure on me to make changes – quickly. I fell into instant victim mode; “I need a bank that understands my industry, We’re going to get that big Wal*Mart order and everything will be fine, The Lowe’s business is good business and I’m sure we can make money on the next order, etc, etc”. You get the picture.

But here’s the truth; the bank was a smart bank and a true partner in our success. Covenants exist for a reason and I was lucky to have the tough love of a lender who cared. Sure, I needed more sales but what I really needed was a well run business and a “right-sized” operating structure which would provide me the cover to get sales cranked up.

So that’s what I did, I got cash positive and profitable in a hurry. Then I went back to cranking up sales.  Actually, first I fired my unprofitable customers, raised prices where I could and then got my sales engine cranked up.

At Dorset Partners we are committed to building healthy, sustainable businesses. But, when the time is right we know how to crank up the sales machine and build that top line – quickly.


A partial list of prior revenue revitalizations follows;

1.  Replaced and outperformed outside sales reps with an in-house sales team –
At half the cost!

2.  Increased sales 72% in 7 months for a Publishing company.

3.  Increased sales 69% in 9 months for a Licensing company.

4.  Doubled manufacturing business in 4 years


Services Offered:

– Sales and Marketing Assessment.    Are you running at full speed?

– New Product Launches

– LEAN Marketing systems –
Marketing machines built from the same methodology as LEAN Manufacturing.

– Sales training, motivation and direction

– Accountability and metrics

– Channel Development

– Re-launch stalled brands, products or initiatives

– Better prospecting and an accelerated sales cycle

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