The Turnaround Solution

Few business owners have the ability to hand in the keys and walk away and quite frankly, the emotional scars of walking away will haunt you forever.  For most business owners, a Guided Turnaround is the best solution to your problems.

What’s Involved?

Working with you, we will develop a Guided Turnaround process, and then help you implement it.  Our turnarounds follow a basic format which has been established over many years:

    • First, we stabilize cashflow to reduce creditor pressure, which gives you time to make better decisions.
    • Second, our team digs deep into your business to identify the key issues. We will find your profitable core and develop ways to protect and grow it. Then we work with you to re-make the business for profit and sustainability.
    • Third, we show you how to put these solutions in place and guide you through the recovery period.
    • Lastly, we stick with you to make sure things continue as planned.

Stabilizing your cashflow and identifying the core issues takes a few weeks to complete.  To be done correctly, most implementation and recoveries will take several months.

Experience Matters

We have each personally experienced what you are going through – and probably worse.  We know how it feels to face the music and even worse, to go home and tell your spouse the reality of your situation.  We know what it’s like to float payroll and stall vendors.  It’s a lousy place to be.  Through years of study and hands-on work with our businesses and hundreds of others, we have mastered the art of the Turnaround.
Saving a distressed business is unlike any other problem you will ever face.  When cash is tight and the walls are closing in, you are out of time and need to call in a professional.


Over the past 37 years, we have become experts in the art and science of fixing distressed businesses.  This is all that we do and we do it very well.  You have one chance to fix your business and having an experienced pro at your side is the only way to get this done.

What Does a Turnaround Cost?

Unfortunately, estimating a turnaround from afar is impossible.  Once we understand the nature and complexity of your situation, we will offer you a fixed fee for the entire engagement.  We won’t leave you hanging…we will deliver as promised.  We do not bill by the hour and our fixed fee motivates us to deliver real solutions fast.  At the beginning you will know how much it will cost to fix your business and what you can expect.  There will never be additional fees, up-charges or extensions.

How Can I Pay for this? (or, how can I afford not to?)

The best way to determine this is to give us a call .  We are experts in saving businesses and fixing cashflow.  If we can’t justify our fee and fix your business we will tell you.  However, if there is a way to work with you, we will find it.

Call Today – There is no charge for the call (802) 867-2456

A brief conversation with us today is the most important thing that you can do for you business.  You will learn more about the turnaround process, gain answers to your questions and get to know us better.  There is no charge for our initial conversations and we will be glad to speak with you today.