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Dorset Partners Finder’s Fee Program

We are active buyers of distressed commercial and industrial businesses.   Our strength is the ability to get tough deals done and rebuild the underlying business.   Our best work has happened in the rebuilding of broken businesses – where they stood, with the same workforce, customers and vendor base.  We seek partners to help us identify businesses that need to transition and rejuvenate.

We offer two levels of involvement;

  1. Simply providing a name and information on a company.  You register as a finder and fill out the screening document, for any company you feel we should look into.  If we buy the company we will pay you $10,000 at closing.
  2. Executive Finder Program where you find a company, help us with due diligence then take an executive roll in the turnaround and long term operation of the business.   We’ll pay you a $50,000 finder’s fee at closing and start you in an executive role with an executive salary.  We rebuild the company together and benefit together.

Start now by filling out the two documents below.

Finders Fee Agreement

Screening for Turnaround Deals




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