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Join Our Team

We want to know and work with the best tactical experts in our fields as well as battle worn generalists who are looking for their next company to run. Beyond our core team we work with colleagues and associates around the globe and recently restructured a portfolio of 8 businesses in 7 countries/territories. Our team and network are all friends we’ve met and made along the way and allows us to react anywhere at any time as needed.

Opportunities generally fall into 4 categories;

Finders – We pay Lehman formula fees for acquisition finders. We bring speed and certainty to distressed industrial deals with revenues generally between $20 – $500M

Diligence – Due diligence assessment and modeling skills. `We have ongoing needs for these 1-8 week assignments.

Fixers – Turnaround CEO, CRO, CFO’s to lead the first 6-12 months of turnaround.

Managers – Executive level opportunities in stabilized businesses to build longterm, sustainable value. Often President/CEO level roles require industry expertise but not always. Portfolio CFOs are a growing need for us.

Working with people you like never really seems like work. If you think there is an opportunity, introduce yourself and maybe we can work together. Let’s start with an email; [email protected]


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