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Rhonda Hollady has a long history of building healthier and safer companies in a variety of industries. With over 30 year’s experience in human resources, benefits and safety, Rhonda has proven time and again that she can lower a company’s healthcare cost while improving the benefits for the employees.

From her beginning in the textile industry and hospitals to the industrial sector, she has created a formula which lowers drug costs, insurance costs, on the job injuries, and improves profitability. Her special, no nonsense charm and outgoing personality is infectious which entices employers and employees alike to “buy in” to her plan for a healthier, safer, profitable workplace. Rhonda has been recognized as exceptional in her area of expertise by governors, CEOs, congressmen, insurance companies and employees at all levels.

Her now famous statement, “Nothing changes if nothing changes,” has created corporate re-thinking in countless companies for the better.

Email: Rhonda@DorsetPartners.com


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