Direct Investments

We Do Things Right

We run companies to achieve sustainable profitability and long term value creation for all stakeholder parties. Employees, customers, vendors and communities are partners in our success. We do things right, plan strategically, embrace lean thinking and manage our businesses in a financially judicious manner.

Dorset specifically looks for special situations, where others might struggle to see the underlying value in a troubled business. Perhaps profits have turned negative, growth has stalled, the industry is out of favor or there are other serious issues clouding the horizon? Regardless, we’ve navigated these waters plenty of times before.

We are not a fund and have no limited partners. This gives us the time and space to do things right, to take care of stakeholders and afford the founder a graceful exit from debt and guarantees, often with a future role and second bite of the apple.

Dorset Partners specifically targets;

  • Manufacturers and distributors with
  • Revenues under $500million and
  • EBITDA +/-
  • Minimal reps and warranties
  • LOI in 7 days, close in 30