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Jeff grew up in working in his family’s manufacturing business and returned as an adult to help grow, fix, grow again, fix again and eventually exit that business. Since then he has specialized in corporate turnarounds; fighting to save businesses, jobs, fortunes and the communities they support.

3-times Jeff has been awarded of one of the Turnaround Management Association’s prestigious Turnaround of the Year Awards for each of the following businesses; Vermont Aerospace (2017), Canadian Kraft Paper (2018) and Union Metal Industries (2019). Since 2002, he has transformed dozens of businesses in dozens of industries with a reputation for taking on the most dire situations.

In addition to corporate turnarounds, Jeff is known widely for his ability to attain top dollar in the sale of distressed businesses, maximizing going concern value while saving jobs, revitalizing the local economy and providing a dignified exit to the debtors.

Jeff recently authored Corporate Turnaround Artistry, Fix Any Business in 100 Days which will be published by J. Wiley & Sons in 2020. Jeff married his college sweetheart and they enjoy their free time skiing, biking and shuttling their 3 children around to sporting events.

Email: [email protected]


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