Van Lanier

Dorset Partners: Revitalizing Troubled Businesses Globally - Van Lanier
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Van has been solving financial problems for 40 years. He specializes in reducing taxes for single-owner businesses and solving serious IRS problems. As a tax professional, Van is an Enrolled Agent (EA). EAs are the elite group of tax experts licensed by the United States Treasury. Enrolled Agents have unlimited practice rights before the IRS in all states, and tend to deal in complex tax matters.

Van mastered accounting on his way to earning an MBA in Finance with highest honors, before personal computers were available to make the math easy. As a tax resolution specialist, Van completed a three-year post graduate study in tax law and was elected a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute. He represents clients in disputes before IRS on a daily basis.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Van knows small business from the inside. He founded two private companies and was a consultant to 200 others. In mid-career, Van was a Certified Management Consultant, and the National Director of Turnaround Consulting for KMPG BayMark.

Van has served his church as a Sunday school teacher, and his community through Rotary and non-profit leadership. He writes and speaks on tax reduction strategies for self-employed people, and practices what he preaches.

Outside the office, Van has been a pilot since 1969 and has flown more than 60 different aircraft. A former flight instructor, Van introduces kids to aviation through the Young Eagles mentor program.

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