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When corporations are in deep distress, leaders need to act quickly and decisively. Unfortunately, business schools and popular business literature are almost completely devoid of the knowledge executives need to navigate the difficulty and emerge on the other side with a strengthened business. The lack of information on the topic is so extreme that many CEOs and high level managers don’t realize how undereducated they are on turnaround practices until it’s too late. In Corporate Turnaround Artistry: Fix Any Business in 100 Days, Jeff Sands provides a much needed guide to understanding and overcoming financial ruin in small to medium sized enterprises.

Acting as CEO and CRO Dorset Partners swung a small loss to a $30 million profit in one year this complex and

New York, NY, December 10, 2019 – The M&A Advisor is pleased to announce the winners of the 14th Annual Turnaround Awards

Union Metal Industries was brought back to life after being shuttered and leaving more than 350 United Steelworkers unemployed. A unique partnership

Mid-Size Company Turnaround of the Year Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd. Brandon Ellement, Ellement Pensions, Benefits and Investments Leonard Levie, American Industrial