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When corporations are in deep distress, leaders need to act quickly and decisively. Unfortunately, business schools and popular business literature are almost completely devoid of the knowledge executives need to navigate the difficulty and emerge on the other side with a strengthened business. The lack of information on the topic is so extreme that many CEOs and high level managers don’t realize how undereducated they are on turnaround practices until it’s too late. In Corporate Turnaround Artistry: Fix Any Business in 100 Days, Jeff Sands provides a much needed guide to understanding and overcoming financial ruin in small to medium sized enterprises.

This is the first book to focus exclusively on the theory and practice of financial restructuring for failing corporations, drawing on multiple examples and decades of experience. Author Jeff Sands is a seasoned Turnaround Artist who has focused his career on saving businesses in trouble. Inside this book, Sands reveals the step-by-step guidelines they follow to fix even the murkiest and most complex business struggles. From day one of the crisis through a successful turnaround plan and building long-term value, this book shows how to make the most of the worst situations.

Firms in crises need strong leaders who can weather the stresses of failure, negotiate firmly with banks, identify the best legal course of action, and restructure debt, all in a matter of a few days, and at a moment’s notice. Leaders whose firms are currently in crisis may want to keep Corporate Turnaround Artistry by their bedside tables. Those who have had the good fortune to avoid disaster so far would also do well to read this book.

From the Back Cover

Endure any financial crisis and emerge into a brighter future

The corporate turnaround is one of the most misunderstood concepts in business―which is terrible news if you happen to be in need of one. If you find yourself tasked with leading a business on the brink of ruin, Corporate Turnaround Artistry will ensure that you can still sleep at night, guiding you through the entire turnaround process step-by-step and showing you how to use this crisis to build a stronger enterprise. Many failed enterprises could have been saved if their leaders had only read this book.

Corporate Turnaround Artistry represents the accumulated wisdom of one of the most highly respected turnaround professionals out there. Inside, Jeff Sands prepares you to rise to the occasion, leading your business and the people it supports through any financial quagmire. From breaking the bad news to the bank, all the way through debt restructuring and rebuilding long-term value, this book covers everything CEOs, business owners, and aspiring turnaround professionals need to know to act quickly and confidently if and when the need arises.

About the Author

JEFF SANDS is a corporate turnaround specialist who has devoted his career to saving businesses, jobs, and the communities they support. He was first rudely introduced to the concept of corporate turnarounds in his own business which he eventually lost in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Since then he has focused solely on saving other businesses and has developed a reputation as the best guy to call in the worst situations.

Jeff is a Certified Turnaround Practitioner (CTP) who was awarded a coveted TMA Turnaround of the Year Award in each of 2017, 2018, and 2019. In 2020 M&A Advisor named him the Turnaround Consultant of the Year. Jeff consults select clients and pursues distressed industrial acquisitions on a global basis.


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