Josh David

Dorset Partners: Revitalizing Troubled Businesses Globally - Josh David
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Josh has spent his career in the construction industry and currently co-owns a 100+ year old commercial roofing contractor in Boston who has worked on many of Boston’s most treasured landmarks including Fenway Park, Harvard and the State House. Josh, his partner and their union workforce satisfy the most demanding public, private and non-profit real estate owners and general contractors and remain a consistent and preferred vendor of choice in their trade.
After successfully managing his own business through its own turn-around, Josh joined Dorset Partners to help support other small and medium sized contractors. Having worn the many hats required to manage the same, he lends his expertise in all aspects of the contracting world: including, internal financial reporting, talent development, and organizational efficiencies.
Josh has led both profit and non-profit boards of directors and has also chaired countless negotiation committees on behalf of fellow union employers. Over the years his most rewarding experience has been mentoring both developing and seasoned construction executives.
In addition to construction and small business knowledge, Josh also directs a successful captive insurance program delivering up to a 30% reduction in premiums for its stockholders. And uses this experience to help improve clients’ insurance needs
Josh lives in Metro Boston and enjoys home renovation with his wife and restoring speedboats with his son.

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