Tony Zandos

Dorset Partners: Revitalizing Troubled Businesses Globally - Tony Zandos
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Tony was born in London, and at the early age of 16 was needed to take on and run the family garment manufacturing business. After stabilizing the business Tony continued with his studies to gain a Joint Honours Degree (BSc Physiology & Biochemistry) at the University of London. After which he worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before transitioning to commercial real estate development.

Since 2006 Tony has worked in distressed private equity, acquiring and rejuvenating underperforming manufacturing companies globally. Tony has helped craft many pioneering transactions in industries ranging from aerospace to appliances, semiconductors, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, paper, generators, refrigeration and others. Most notably, Tony spearheaded North America’s first ever resource management partnership between industry and indigenous people.

Tony enjoys defusing our most complex and intense situations whether it be violent European labour union worker strikes, US prosecutors or upsent lenders. He has a unique ability to bring warring parties together for a common good through a program of shared sacrifices. Tony earned the TMA’s 2018 Turnaround of the Year award for helping rebuild (from zero) the customer base at Canadian Kraft Paper.

Outside of work Tony enjoys travelling abroad, skiing, grass hockey and cooking

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